EVV Resources for HCS/TxHmL Providers

Visit Maintenance Unlock Request process

  • EVV Policy Handbook Section 8000 Visit Maintenance
    • Refer to 8050 Visit Maintenance Time Frames. This section explains that providers have 95 days from the date of service to make corrections to an EVV visit or create a new visit (if the service provider didn’t use EVV to clock in or out).
    • Refer to 8060 Visit Maintenance Unlock Request. This section explains the process and timelines for requesting approval to make corrections to a visit after the 95 day visit maintenance time frame has expired.
  • The EVV Visit Maintenance Unlock Request for Program Providers and FMSAs (Excel) can be found on the HHSC EVV webpage.

HCS/TxHmL transition to TMHP – EVV claims impacts

  • Information letter 2021-52 explains the new rates for Respite and Day Habilitation.
  • Information letter 2022-07 explains some of the key information for transitioning to TMHP.
  • The HHSC EVV team is working on additional communication to inform providers of the new billing codes and EVV impacts. EVV claims matching for in-home respite and in-home day habilitation is set to begin on 4/1/2022 (dates of service).
  • We are working with the EVV vendors (DataLogic/Vesta and First Data/Authenticare) to publish system-specific information for the transition, such as how to being using the electronic authorizations from TMHP.

EVV Proprietary System Information

During the meeting you all expressed interest in using a provider-operated EVV system (also known as a proprietary system). Here is anotice we published in December 2021 announcing new processes and timelines for this.

EVV Compliance Webinar

2/7/22 optional compliance webinar. It will be recorded and posted on the HHS Learning Portal.

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