Provider Services

Kathy Griffith (Caregiver), Co-Chair
Tony Ritter (Advantage Care), Co-Chair
Doug Svien (Rock House)


Brian Ketay (South Texas Community Living), Chair
Patty Ritter (Advantage Behavioral Services)
Sherry Donahue Brown (Behaviorist On Call)
Lorrie Robledo (Bright Spring)
Kathy Griffith (Caregiver)
Deb Maloy (Tarrytown)
Dona Kozur (Arc of San Antonio)
Micah Marble (Empower, LLC)
Stacy Wilson (Neighborhood Pharmacy)


Kathy Griffith (Caregiver), Co-Chair
Doug Svien (Rock House), Co-Chair
Tony Ritter (Advantage Care)



Doug Svien (Rock House)
Jon Moore (Sevita) 
Tony Ritter (Advantage Behavioral Services)
Kathy Griffith (Caregiver)
Joe Cooper (VitaLiving)
Carla Hughes (Advo Companies, Inc.)
Richard Thorne (Advo Companies, Inc.)
Tammi Abney (Ratcliff Youth and Family Services)
Stephanie Lynch (Sevita)
Kelly Jepson (Bright Spring)
Larry Hill (Hill Resources)
Jodie Braden (Bright Spring)
Carol Bell (CALAB Inc)