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2022 PACSTX Annual Conference Presentations

Conference Hand-Outs - Day 1

Track 1: 

Regulatory Session - Michelle Dionne-Vahalik & Renee Blanch Haley

Lease Agreements & Residential Requirements - Erica Brown & Kaliope Schmidt

TMHP & HCS Billing

Social Media & Its Pitfalls - Joanalys Smith

Track 2:

Emotional Intelligence - Brian Ketay

Quality in the Host Home - Brian Ketay & Tony Ritter

ISS Part I: DAHS Licensure, ISS Program Requirements & Rates - Kathy Griffith

ISS Part II: Program Design & Sharing - Brian Ketay & Tony Ritter

Conference Hand-Outs - Day 2

HHSC Follow-Up to Questions Posed at the PACSTX Conference

HHSC took questions back posed at the conference and provided follow-up responses below.

  • If going through a voluntary closure and admin penalties have been/are applied, will the provider still be required to pay the penalty and correct the issue?
    • HHSC Response: Voluntary closure does not waive the penalty or need for corrective action.
  • Once the admin penalty is applied and paid for, where do those funds go within the HHSC system? Where are they allocated to and what are the funds further utilized on?
    • HHSC Response: Funds go to the state general revenue. HHSC does not have authority to determine how the funds are used.
  • Is there an intention to develop a new and/or enhance an existing portal to track all the paperwork and process for admin pens?
    • HHSC Response: To the extent possible, Waiver Enforcement will utilize existing systems to track enforcement information and data. However, there is no plan to create a new system or portal to handle this information.

Additionally, there are some clarifications about Individualized Skills and Socialization rule language and staffing ratios:

  • HHSC Clarification: Currently the draft LTCR rules do not contain a reference to ratios for on-site ISS services. However, the offsite portion of the draft rules do contain a reference to the MCS ISS staffing ratio requirement.

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