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Family Action Coalition of Texas



The Family Action Coalition of Texas, F.A.C.T., serves to unite key family members of individuals with intellectual disabilities with leaders of services provider agencies and advocacy groups in a collaborative effort to educate the public and our state’s lawmakers about:

  • current challenges in serving the IDD population

  • the value of a strongly supported network of experienced service  providers necessary to face these growing challenges

  • the need to preserve the most basic services for current service recipients while expanding services for those who are still waiting 

With a loud singular voice, the family members, advocates, and agency leaders of the Family Action Coalition of Texas will fight passionately to protect and expand the quality of community supports for people with IDD in Texas that have evolved over the last 35 years. We have come too far to turn backwards to darker days. 


  1. Writing letters to state legislators and/or signing petitions

  2. Meeting locally in F.A.C.T. regional “bases” to participate in strategic planning meetings and public events that might have local media attention

  3. Meeting centrally in Austin to participate in larger public events designed to attract the attention of lawmakers and stakeholders alike while advancing the cause of stronger services for people current receiving services, as well as the need to expand those services to more people.

  4. Meeting one-on-one with legislators to educate and voice concerns about any future changes to the service delivery system that might jeopardize quality now and in the future

YOU ARE INVITED! Any level of participating is very valuable for the overall mission of the Family Action Coalition of Texas!

For further information please email FACT@pacstx.org.